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Shaping the Future of Healthcare through Nursing

In October 2010, the Institute of Medicine (now known as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine) published a landmark report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health that delineated how nursing can contribute to an improved American health care delivery system.  In 2011, the Florida Blue Foundation and the Florida Center for Nursing partnered to lead the Florida Action Coalition (FL-AC) to advance the IOM recommendations in Florida. The mission of the FL-AC is to provide leadership in advancing the nursing profession so that Floridians can access safe, high quality health care.

Visit their website to learn about FL-AC’s work including the preeminent Board Service Initiative for Emerging Nurse Leaders.

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Florida Chamber Foundation

The Florida 2030 Project

A Conversation at the Florida Chamber Foundation 2018 Future of Florida Forum
September 26-27, 2018

There are many challenges facing the healthcare industry but few are simple and able to be addressed in a straight-forward manner. Increasing demand for health care is driven by an expanding and aging population, a more knowledgeable consumer expecting higher quality care and exercising their right of choice, and the health care reform movement transitioning to a values-based, demand driven model.

Is Florida positioned to provide an adequate number of appropriately educated and skilled workers to meet the health industry’s talent needs? Do we have a skills imbalance and knowledge gap, what is the impact of future innovation and technology? In other words, are we positioned to meet the health needs of Floridians today and into the future?

Engaging stakeholders in a conversation to identify actions needed to assure an adequate and qualified workforce to meet the current and future health needs of Floridians.

Discussion taking place during this two-day session is a starting point.

Express and discuss issues, challenges, & concerns; needs & barriers; ideas for solutions.

  • An open workshop where attendees actively participate by sharing ideas, experiences, challenges, and solutions.
  • Engage attendees to continue the dialogue via designated work groups.

Identify and prioritize solutions to address the challenges and issues Florida is facing in the effort to meet the health needs of Floridians.

  • Set short- & long-term goals.
  • Produce a document/position paper for presentation to the legislature (elected & appointed leadership); industry & academic leaders; healthcare stakeholders.

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Florida Healthcare Workforce

Realizing the Health Industry Workforce Needs of Today and Tomorrow

From January 2015 through December 2017 CareerSource, Florida funded the grant program “Healthcare Marketplace Business Intelligence Research and Sector Strategy Approach Services”, referred to as the Florida Healthcare Workforce (FHW) project.  The FHW purpose was to develop recommendations for statewide policy that will facilitate a pipeline of highly skilled talent to meet the demand of Florida’s healthcare industry needs.  A major finding was the absence of data and information on the majority of health occupations which creates an unnecessary blind spot on the quest for greater community health and a more intact workforce as the health industry is a growing component of Florida’s gross domestic product.  A final recommendation of the industry led FHW was to establish a research institute to serve as the organizational nucleus of healthcare occupations data to support informed decision-making by healthcare stakeholders and to facilitate research and grant proposals that support a healthier Florida.  The result is the establishment of the Healthcare Workforce Research Initiative.

View the published reports from the FHW’s grant period.

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