Sponsors, Donors, and Grantors

Initial funding will be through sponsorships, grants, and revenue generated by purchased services.  Individuals, groups, or corporations may be a HWRI sponsor or grantor.  In addition to recognition on the HWRI website, funders will have a voice in the organization participating in strategy and policy discussions.

Sponsorship/donor/grantor benefits include:


Membership in the HWRI Stakeholder Group receiving special invitations to participate at summits and meetings bringing together global experts.

High Donors will also be given a seat on the HWRI Advisory Panel.


Receiving copies of published reports including those not available to the public.

High Donors may have access to data and information, as well as special reports on request.


The opportunity to provide input on project development and policy recommendations.

High Donors will participate in the selection of projects and formation of policy recommendations.


What is asked for in return?  The need for industry input is critical to the HWRI’s success. In return for being a part of the Initiative, we ask that you:

  • Participate in surveys and other data collection efforts and encourage colleagues to do so.
  • Participate on committees, task forces, etc. so that we benefit from your expertise and make certain that the HWRI is helping Florida meet the health industry’s needs.
  • Assist in distribution of findings.
  • Assist in recruitment of new stakeholders and/or sponsors.
  • Provide letters of support for grant applications and/or be a participant in grant applications.


Founding Partners

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